Irish National Darts Organisation Ladies Rankings 2015

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INDO Rankings Ladies 2015

1Robyn ByrneDublin6/88/03/24/06/03/86/862
2Linda HarteWexford6/36/60/80/38/82/04/357
3Olive McIntyreLeitrim6/x4/88/x0/00/38/340
4Veronica SkeffingtonMayo6/33/36/63/23/00/00/439
5Stacey BlandLaois6/xx/43/43/40/02/62/034
6Marian WerderWexford6/48/04/41.5/03/333.5
7Teresa MaherLaois5/x6/6x/34/x3/633
8Kay O’CarrollCorkx/836/43/230
9Tracey GriffithsCavan5/00/42/03/03/02/30/022
10Anne RedmondWexford5/34/32/00/31.5/00/x21.5
11Teresa KingCavan4/23/00/33/30/00/00/321
12Regina BoyleDublin3/x4/x3/30/04/3x/x0/020
13Maeve O’ConnorCarlow3/1x/x3/00/30/4x/00/014
13Siobhan MurphyCarlow4/1x/x2/04/0x/00/3x/x14
13Caroline BreenGalway6/22/414
13Catherine FlemmingMayo6/0x/x2/30/0x/x0/03/014
17Izabella HandCavan4/02/30/00/40/0x/x0/x13
17Samantha CarberryLeitrim4/2x/x4/0x/x0/3x/xx/x13
19Amy RedmondWexford5/03/40/x12
20Maria VaughanGalway6/1x/x0/4x/00/x11
21Ces LallyGalway5/0x/23/x10
22Sharon BuckleyCork5/00/49
23Sarah ButlerCarlow4/40/xx/00/08
23Barbara BarrettMayo5/38
23Ann Marie FloodDublin5/x3/x8
23Ann MurphyKilkenny6/x2/08
23Geraldine HarkinDonegal5/00/30/08
23Mags PrendergastDublin5/00/00/03/08
29Gemma KearonWexford6/17
29Helen MaloneMayo6/17
29Noreen CarryCavan4/x3/x7
32Mary NuggentCork0/66
32Helen KennyMayo4/26
32Trisha JoyceMayo4/26
32Trisha DoyleGalway4/20/00/06
32Bernie McDonaldCarlow5/10/00/00/06
32Debbie O’ConnorClare5/16
32Sarah JoyceMayo4/02/x6
39Christine CodyCarlow3/25
39Mary CorballyGalway3/25
39Donna DeMansfield AbsolonGalway4/15
39Adena SkeffingtonMayo4/15
39Muireann McDermottCavan4/10/05
39Liz ButlerCarlow4/15
39Liz IngramCavanx/32/00/00/x0/05
46Martina O’DonoghueCork0/11
46Norrie McKeoghGalway0/11
46Margaret EdwardsWicklow0/11
Irish National Darts Organisation Ladies Rankings 2015 [Reference: 2]


E1InterCounties (Sun) / Inter Counties Singles (Sat)15.02.2015 / 14.02.2015
E2Cavan (Sat) / Cavan (Sun)21.03.2015 / 22.03.2015
E3Castlebar, Co. Mayo (Sat) / Castlebar (Sun)09.05.2015 / 10.05.2015
E4Kilkenny (Sat) / Kilkenny (Sun)20.06.2015 / 21.06.2015
E5Waterford (Sat) / Waterford (Sun)25.07.2015 / 26.07.2015
E6Ennis Pairs (Co. Clare) / Irish Masters22.08.2015 / 23.08.2015
E7Ennis (Co. Clare) / National Singles12.09.2015 / 13.09.2015
Irish National Darts Organisation Ladies Rankings 2015 [Reference: 2]


Robyn Byrne finished top of the Ladies Irish National Darts Organisation Rankings in 2015 with 62 points with Linda Harte in second on 57. Byrne put in a exemplary Final Event, scoring 6 points on the Saturday in Ennis, Co. Clare and then taking the maximum 8 points in the Irish National Singles on the Sunday. Byrne and Harte were level on 48 Points coming into the Event, the Seventh and Final one of the year.



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Thanks to Fiona Corrigan and Margaret Williams.

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