Lucha Libre AAA Triplemania XXIV 2018

Lucha Libre AAA Logo [Reference: 1]


Main EventPsycho ClownPagano
MegacampeonatoTexano JrBrian Cage
Lucha Underground UniverseTeam Rey MisterioMatanza Cueto
Campeonato LatinoamericanoJohnny MundoPentagon Jr
Parejas AAA (Pairs)Aerostar & Drago3 other teams
Copa TriplemaniaAustralian SuicideDaga
Lucha Libre AAA Triplemania XXIV 2018 [Reference: 2-3]


In the most recent Lucha Libre AAA Triplemania Event (as of 5 October 2020) – Triplemania XXIV, held in Arena Ciudad Mexico City, Psycho Clown won the main event, after beinf betrayed by Dr. Wagner Jr, by finally beating Pagano, taking the barber to Pagano’s hair, and pummeling each other with various objects in a bloody fight. Dr. Wagner Jr challenged Prsycho Clown after the event to a fight at Triplemania XXIV.

Triplemania XXIV started off with the Copa Triplemania Event, where Australian Suicide defeated Daga. This was followed by the anticipated Mens versus Womens fight, but El Apache, who was invited to be referee by Averno and Chessman, betrayed them to support his daughters Mary and Faby Apache and after the fight Ricky Marvin appeared and the three Rudos massacred the family, an act which merits revenge.

Next up was the Pairs (Parejas) where Aerostar and DRago were crowned Champions, and then it was on to Campeonato Latinoamericano AAA, where Johnny Mundo finally captured the belt with a victory over Pentagon Jr, after the blond Taya turned his back on Pentagon Jr, fouling him and betraying Los Perros del Mal by siding with Johnny Mundo.

The next Event was Lucha Underground, where Rey Misterio came back to Mexico and AAA, and led his team, Prince Puma and Aztec Drago Jr to victory over Matnza Cueto, Marty “The Moth” Martinez and Mil Muertes. This was followed by the semifinal bout, where Texano Jr, despite being beaten, retained the MegaCampeonato de AAA, after defeating Brian Cage, and with that Dr. Wagner Jr, who finished covered in blood. After the match he received a severe beating from Team Trump, which couldn’t be countered even with the appearance of several “Tecnicos”.

The Main Event finished up the evening with Psycho Clown, despite being betrayed by Dr. Wagner Jr, and being severely beaten, took the barber to Pagano’s hair, finally defeating him. After the event, Dr Wagner Jr challenged Psycho Clown to the belt at Triplemania XXV, which was accepted by the Tecnico.

Psycho Clown takes to air against Pagano during Lucha Libre AAA Triplemania XXIV [Reference: 4][Photo Credit: Lucha Libre AAA]

About Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre is Mexico’s answer to American Wrestling, or for that matter Greco-Roman Wrestling (the version favoured by the Olympics). Characters are usually dressed in vibrant colours, and what makes it stand out compared to WWE, is that the wresters usually wear masks.



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