X-League Extreme Football League 2020

X-League Extreme Football League Logo [Reference: 2]


Eastern Conference       
Chicago Blitz       
Atlanta Empire       
Kansas City Force       
Omaha Red Devils       
Western Conference       
Los Angeles Storm       
Austin Sound       
Denver Rush       
Seattle Thunder       
X-League Extreme Football League Standings 2020 [Reference: 1]

Playoff Schedule

DateHOme Team Away Team 
 Conference Championships Los Angeles 
 X Cup   
X-League Extreme Football League Playoffs 2020 [Reference: 1]

Schedule & Results

WeekDateHome Team Away Team 
111.04.2020Austin Sound Seattle Thunder 
224.04.2020Los Angeles Black Storm Atlanta Empire 
302.05.2020Denver Rush Chicago Blitz 
408.05.2020Kansas City Force Omaha Red Devils 
516.05.2020Austin Sound Atlanta Empire 
630.05.2020Chicago Blitz Kansas City Force 
705.06.2020Omaha Red Devils Chicago Blitz 
813.06.2020Denver Rush Austin Sound 
920.06.2020Atlanta Empire Seattle Thunder 
1027.06.2020Kansas City Force Los Angeles Black Storm 
1111.07.2020Chicago Blitz Denver Rush 
1218.07.2020Seattle Thunder Los Angeles Black Storm 
1325.07.2020Atlanta Empire Omaha Red Devils 
1431.07.2020Los Angeles Black Storm Denver Rush 
1508.08.2020Omaha Red Devils Austin Sound 
1615.08.2020Seattle Thunder Kansas City Force 
X-League Extreme Football League Schedule 2020 [Reference: 1]



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