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Irish Mountain Running Association Irish Championship 2020

Irish Mountain Running Association Logo [Reference: 1]

Runners with 2 Races to Score

1Brian Furey7M4043
2Ciara Largey34F1321
3Richard Church44M501529
4Liam Mooney44M351034
5Becky Quinn47F451730
6Ian Conroy53M403122
7Kevin Bell69M2445
8Imogen McGuinness101F403269
9Thomas Galvin106M504165
10Paul Smyth121M555467
11John Condon121M454873
12Louis Mullee123M404479
13Alice Clancy134F406371
14Angela Flynn141F456576
15Paul McRedmond152M507082
Irish Mountain Running Association Irish Championship 2020 [Reference: 2]


With the first three races cancelled due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, it was diown to two races in the Irish Mountain Running Association Irish Championships in 2020. Brian Furey took the top spot with 4th in Lugnaquilla (Co. Wiklow) and 3rd in Galtymore for a combined score of 7. Ciara Largey was the number 1 Woman with a combined score of 34 (13 in Lugnaquilla and 21 in Galtymore. With the races in Mount Errigal, Carrauntoohill and Mweelrea postponed or cancelled only those who scored in two races were counted.

Mountain Runners in action [Reference: 3][Photo Credit: Athletics Ireland]


09.05.202011:00 AMMount Errigal – CancellledERG500m10.00km8
30.05.20201:00 PMCarrauntoohill – PostponedCAR1137m12.50km10
04.07.20201:30 PMMweelrea – CancelledMWE766m10.70km9
19.07.20201:00 PMLog na CoilleLUG718m10.46km8
01.08.202012:00 PMGaltymoreGLT1100m13.00km10
Irish Mountain Running Association Irish Championship 2020 [Reference: 2]



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Thanks to John Kane, John Doody & Ruth McKeown.

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