Jugger Turniere World Club Championship 2018

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Final Standings

1Rigor MortisBerlinGermany9
3HaWu AllstarZGevelsbergGermany8
4Peters PawnsOerlinghausenGermany6
5The FellowshipMurciaSpain8
6Bob JuggerKarlsruheGermany6
7Anima EquoremHalle SaaleGermany7
8Schergen von MonasteriaMuensterGermany6
10Munich MonksMuenchenGermany8
11Flying JUGGmen BonnBonnGermany6
13Die Verstoerten ZernichterWuerzburgGermany7
15Jugglers JuggHalle SaaleGermany5
17Lokomotive Black NinjaGoettingenGermany7
19Gruenanlagen GuerillaBerlinGermany6
20Die Leere MengeGriefswaldGermany5
21Falco juggerBerlinGermany6
23Chimaera BrunsvigaBraunshweigGermany5
25Lahveilchen GiessenGiessenGermany6
26Hobbiz KekseHeidelbergGermany7
27Keulen EulenSaarbrueckenGermany4
28Cranium ex MachinaHamburgGermany5
29Blue FangsFrankfurt (Oder)Germany7
31Die Goldenen ReiterDresdenGermany4
32Dead RabbitsLorschGermany2
33G-Hill BoarsRigaLatvia5
34Second CubsTargu MuresRomania5
35Jugger Helden BambergBambergGermany5
37Leipziger NachtwacheLeipzigGermany5
38Living UndeadsHannoverGermany2
39The JAAguarsAmericaUSA4
41Die Kuhdorf VereinigungLiebenscheidGermany5
42Second Cubs 2Targu MuresRomania2
43Rampage (Ireland)DublinIreland4
44Jugger ViennaWienAustria3
46Jugger AsylumBendorfGermany3
47Cervisia UltimaDuisburgGermany4
48Schergen von Monasteria 2.0MuensterGermany1
50Flying HuggmenBonnGermany3
52Redbacks IICanberraAustralia1
53Two TowersVilniusLithuania3
54Jugg the RipperHagenGermany4
56NLGLauffen em NeckarGermany3
57SpVgg RasenschachRethwischGermany3
58Die deren Name nicht genannt werden darfNeubibergGermany3
59Mainzer MarodeureMainzGermany2
601. Jugger ClubErlangenGermany0
Cologne RaptorsKoelnGermany1
[References: 2]


Ireland’s Setanta from Dublin finished 9th out of 61 teams in the Jugger League World Club Championship in 2018, winning 8 of their matches, only the Champions Rigor Mortis from Berlin in Germany won more with 9 wins. Setanta were also the second best team from outside of Germany after The Fellowship from Murcia in Spain who finished fifth. In all 50 of the 61 teams entered were from Germany, with Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Australia, USA also represented. Ireland’s second team in the tournament Rampage finished 43rd with four wins.

Photo by Chait Goli on Pexels.com

About Jugger

Jugger is like a cross between American Football and Medieval Combat. It is a team Sport where the objective is to get a skull from the middle of the field into a zone at the opposing teams end. There are five players on each team, four of whom are paired off fightning each other with padded weapons such as swords.

When a player is ‘killed’ in these fights he has to kneel down and is out of the game for that particular round. The Fifth person is the Qwick. His job is to get the skull from the middle of the field past the opposing Qwick into a zone at their opponents endzone. He can only advance the skull once the other teams fighters are all dead. The team which scores the most skull touchdowns is the winner. [References: 3]



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[4] Picture Credit: Photo by Chait Goli on Pexels.com


Thanks to Grant Farrell and Caoilfhionn Nic Fhearai.

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