Other World Sports

A Number of World Sports are played in Ireland, including those from the North Atlantic (Netball, Water Polo, Volleyball); Europe (Olympic Handball, Korfball, Bandy, Pesapallo); and Asia (Polo, Kabaddi, Sepak Takraw)

Below you will find links to the Results & Tables of the following World Sports:

European Sports:

Korfball – A Dutch version of Basketball.

Bandy & Ball Hockey – A Russian version of Ice Hockey – played with a ball rather than puck.

Pesapallo – The Finnish version of Baseball and their National Sport – players run in zig-zags through the bases.

Asian Sports:

Polo & Polocrosse – Polo is played with a mallet & ball on horseback it was invented in Iran & Pakistan. Polocrosse is similar except it uses Lacrosse sticks and was invented in Australia.

Kabaddi – A Tag game – An Indian version of Capture the Flag.

Sepak Takraw – A version of Volleyball played with every part of the body except the arms – the National Sport of Malaysia & Thailand.

Imdigeneous Sports:

Stickball – A Baseball-like game played by the Choctaw Indians in North America.