This is the Eirball Index Page to Irish Motorsports. There are a number of Motorsport disciplines raced in Ireland, including Rally, Autocross, Rallycross, Hill Climbing and Trials. In addition to Motorsport Ireland, there are a number of Stock Car Racing Tracks in Ireland which run Championships in Bangers, Hot Rods & Stock Rods. Stock Car Racing is the Big American Motorsport, and is run by NASCAR, which is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Motorsport Ireland

Motorsport Ireland is the Irish National Governing Body for Motorsports.

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Motorsport Ireland

Motorsport Ireland, Mondello Park, Stock Car Racing, Karting

Motorsport Ireland

Motorsport Ireland Race Winners (Seasons):



Motorsport Ireland National Autocross Championship Specials 2012-2017

Formula Racing & Mondello Park

The Leinster Trophy Car Race is an International Standard Car Race first run on the Tallaght Circuit (Co. Dublin) from 1934-1949. It is now raced at Mondello Park in Co. Kildare

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Mondello Park & Formula Racing

Leinster Trophy Car Race

Formula Racing (Overviews):

Motorsport Ireland Leinster Trophy Car Race 1934-Present

International Leinster Trophy Car Race (Tallaght Circuit) 1935-1949

Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing started in the United States of America, and NASCAR, the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. In Ireland there are racetracks at Tipperary, The Pike Waterford, and in Northern Ireland.

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Stock Car Racing

Class 1, Rear Wheel Drive, Bangers, Drift Series, Stock Rods.

Tipperary Raceway (SORA)

Short Oval Racing Association Tipperary Raceway (Overviews):

Short Oval Racing Association Tipperary Raceway Nationals 2014-Present

SOHRA Tipperary Raceway Race Winners (Season): 2019

SORA Open Class RWD Championship (Seasons): 2019

Waterford Raceway

Waterford Raceway Class 1 (Seasons): 2019

Waterford Raceway Stock Rods (Seasons): 2019

DMC Race Promotions (Northern Ireland)

DMC Stock Car Race Winners (Seasons): 2019


Karting is most peoples introduction to Car Racing.

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Student Sport Ireland Karting Championship

Student Sport Ireland Karting Championship (Seasons): 2019-20

Motorcycle Racing

The Leinster 200 Motorcycle Race was raced over the Talllaght Circuit from 1934 to 1949.

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Motorcycle Racing

Leinster 200 Motorcycle Race

Motorcycle Racing (Overviews):

Leinster 200 Motorcycle Race (Tallaght Circuit) 1935-1949

Powerboat Racing

Powerboats, also known as Speedboats, are usually raced as time-trials around Ireland, or from a point in Ireland to a a destination such as Fastnet Rocks or Rockall and back.

Air Racing

The first Irish Drone Racing Championships were held in 2015. The Irish Ballooning Association sanctions Hot Air Balloon flights and competitions in Ireland

Photo contributor: socrates471 (2022) Drones racing. [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 23 July 2022]

Drone Racing

Droned Ireland

Droned Ireland

Droned Ireland Irish Drone Racing Nationals 2015-2018

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Hot Air Ballooning

Irish Ballooning Association

Irish Ballooning Association

Irish Ballooning Association: (Hot Air Ballooning)