Irish Sports Links

Links to Irish Sports Association Websites:

Major League Sports

Major League American Sports

American Football Ireland:

Basketball Ireland

Elite Ice Hockey League

Irish Ice Hockey Association

Inline Hockey Ireland

Baseball Ireland

Softball Ireland

Softball Leinster

Softball Ulster

Local Basketball Leagues (Area Boards)

Dublin Ladies Basketball Board

Dublin Men’s Basketball Board

Basketball Northern Ireland (Antrim, Down, Derry, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Armagh)

Cork Basketball

Galway Area Basketball Board

North East Basketball Board (Cavan, Monaghan, Louth, Meath, Westmeath)

North West Area Board (Donegal, Sligo)

Midland Area Basketball Board (Offaly, Laois, Kildare)

Kilkenny & South East Area Basketball Board (Kilkenny, Carlow, Wexford, Waterford)

Kerry Area Basketball Board

North Munster Ladies Basketball (Facebook)

North Munster Men’s Basketball League (Facebook)

Clare Juvenile Basketball League (Facebook)

LonLeitRos Area Basketball Board (Longford, Leitrim, Roscommon)

Mayo Area Basketball Board (Facebook)

Global Sports

Ireland Lacrosse

Rugby League Ireland

Australian Football League Ireland:

Netball Ireland

Atlantic Sports

Volleyball Ireland

Beach Volleyball Ireland:

Ireland Water Polo

Munster Polo League (Canoe Polo):

Irish Underwater Council (Underwater Hockey):

Irish Olympic Handball Association

Athletic Union League Futsal League:

World Sports

European Sports

Ireland Korfball (Dutch Basketball)

Irish Rink (Roller) Hockey Association: (National Sport of Portugal)

Finnish Pesapallo (Finnish Embassy in Ireland): (Pesapallo is Played every year on their National Holiday). (Finnish Baseball – their National Sport).

Versions of Floorball

Team Ireland Ball Hockey (American version of Floorball)

Special Olympics Floorball:

Irish Floorball Association: (European version of Ball Hockey)

Innebandy (Dublin Floorball): (Innebandy is a Russian version of Floorball or Ball Hockey)

Global South Sports

South African Ringball: (version of Basketball)

Argentinian Cestoball: (version of Basketball)

Kabaddi (Trinity Indian Society):

UCD Sepak Takraw Club (Facebook):

Native American & Indigineous Sports (currently not played in Ireland)

Mexican Federation of Traditional Sports and games:

Chictaw Stickball: (Chictaw Nation Association)

Marn Grook (Australian Aboriginal Football): (article)

Pelota Purepecha (Mexico): (article)

Gaelic Games

Gaelic Games (Major)

Gaelic Atlhletic Association (Hurling):

Gaelic Atlhletic Association (Gaelic Football):

Camogie Association:

Ladies Gaelic Football Association:

Gaelic Games (Minor)

GAA Handball:

International Rules:

All-Ireland Poc Fada Championships:

GAA Rounders:

World Gaelic Games

Celtic Countries Gaelic Games

(Full League and Championship system played entirely by Natives in small towns & villages)

Breton Gaelic Football:

Galician Gaelic Football:

GAA World Provincial Councils

British GAA Provincial Council:

GAA World Games (North & South America, Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middles East, Africa):

GAA World Games (Team App):

GAA Britain:

London GAA: (Full County Status)

Warwickshire GAA: (Full County Status)

Lancashire GAA: (Full County Status)

Yorkshire GAA (Facebook): (Full County Status)

Hertfordshire GAA: (Full County Status)

Gloucestarshire GAA: (Full County Status)

Scotland GAA: (Full County Status)

Cardiff GAA: (GAA Development)

GAA Americas

New York GAA: (Full County Status)

United States GAA: (Full County Status)

Canada GAA: (Full County Status)

Argentina GAA: (GAA Development)

Caribbean (Cayman Islands GAA): (GAA Development)

GAA Oriental

Australasia GAA: (Full County Status)

Europe GAA: (Full County Status)

Asia GAA: (Full County Status)

Middle East GAA: (Full County Status)

Russia GAA (Moscow Shamrocks GAA Club): (GAA Development)

Africa GAA (South African Gaels GAA Club): (GAA Development)

Handball World:

World Handball Council:

World Handball Players (US & Canada Pro Tour):

United States Handball:

Canadian Handball:

Inner City Handball Association:

Handball Australia:

Costa Rica Handball: (Broken Link)

Wallball World

Wallball International Federation: (Facebook Page)

European Pro Wallball Tour:

UK Walball:

Wallonia-Brussels Wallball Federation (French Belgium):

One Wall Handball (Netherlands):

Belgian One Wall Killshot Club:

French Wallball Federation:

KNVB Netherlands Wallball:

United States Wallball:

Japan Wall Handball:


Rounders World:

Ascaro Rovigo GAA Rounders (Alpen Cup):

Rounders England:

Basque Pelota

Basque Pelota:

International Federation of Basque Pelota (Spain):

CIJB (Confederacion Internationale de Pelota Mano) (France):

ASPE Pelota (Spanish Basque Country Pro):

Federation Francaise de Pelote Basque:

Celtic Sports:

Scottish Shinty (Camanachd Association):

Welsh Baseball (Welsh Ladies Baseball Union): (Baseball-Rounders hybrid)

English Baseball (Liverpool) (Baseball-Rounders hybrid)

Breton Gaelic Football:

Galician Gaelic Football:

Medieval Celtic / Indigineous European Sports

Eton Fives:

Cumbrian Uppies & Downies (You Tube):

Manx Cammag (You Tube):

Cornish Hurling (Wayback Machine Internet Archive):

British Sports

Irish Rugby Union

Irish Rugby Football Union:

Leinster Rugby:

Munster Rugby:

Ulster Rugby:

Connacht Rugby:

Pro Rugby Union:

Pro 14 (Previously Celtic Rugby):

Premiership Rugby (England):

Top 14 (France):

Super Rugby (SANZAR):

Americas Rugby News: (News Website for USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile etc.)

Japan Top League:

Hockey Ireland

Hockey Ireland

Connacht Hockey

Leinster Hockey

Munster Hockey

Ulster Hockey

Cricket Ireland

Cricket Ireland

Connacht Cricket Union (Facebook)

Cricket Leinster

Munster Cricket

Northern Cricket Union

North West Cricket Union


There are three grades in Adult Irish Soccer: Senior (National Leagues), Intermediate (Provincial Leagues) and Junior (County Leagues).

Soccer Leagues (Ireland – Senior)

League of Ireland (SSE Airtricity League) (FAI – Republic of Ireland)

Women’s Soccer

Women’s National League (FAI – Republic of Ireland)

Danske Bank Women’s Premiership (IFA – northern Ireland)

Northern Ireland Women’s Football Association:

Irish Football Association (Northern Ireland)

Irish League (Northern Ireland Football Association) (IFA – Northern Ireland)

Blue Fin Premier Intermediate League (Northern Ireland):

Northern Amateur Football League (Amateur / junior Adult):

Soccer Leagues (Provincial – Intermediate)

Leinster Senior Football League

Connacht Football Association:

Munster Football Association:

Ulster Senior League Soccer:

Connacht Soccer Leagues (County – Junior)

Galway Football Association

Mayo Football League

Roscommon & District Football League

Sligo Leitrim & District Soccer League

Leinster Soccer Leagues (County – Junior)

Leinster Football League (South Dublin & Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown)

Athletic Union League (Fingal / North Dublin Futsal & Soccer)

Amateur Football League (North Dublin)

Carlow & District Football League

Kilkenny & District Soccer League

Wexford Football League

Wicklow & District Football League

Munster Soccer Leagues (County- Junior)

Munster Senior League (Cork City & County): Munster Senior League:

Limerick Desmond Football League:

Limerick Junior Soccer:

North Tipperary & District League:

Tipperary Southern & District Football League:

Kerry District League:

West Cork League:

Waterford & District Junior League:

Ulster Soccer Leagues (County – Junior)

Donegal Junior League:

Cavan Monaghan League:

Futsal, Beach and Street Soccer

Athletic Union League Futsal League:

Street Soccer Leagues:

Beach Soccer: (Currently not active)

Football Fives (Local area Leagues)

Inter 7s (Clontarf, Sandymount, IT Dublin):

Powerleague (Spawell Templeogue):

Astropark (Tallaght and Coolock)

Waterford Floodlit Soccer:

Astroleagues (Galway)

Indoor Football:

Dublin Indoor Sports:

University Futsal, Indoor Soccer & Football Fives

Trinity College Dublin 5-a-side Soccer:

UCD Superleague:

DCU Astro League:

Technological University of Dublin:

Maynooth University Internal Leagues:

NUI Galway Futsal:

University of Limerick:

University College Cork:

Queens University Belfast Ladies Soccer:

Queens University Belfast Men’s Soccer:

Ulster University Soccer: (Newtownabbey Facility)

UU Magee (Derry):

UU Jordanstown:

UU Coleraine:

Individual Sports

Racquet Sports

Badminton Ireland:

Tennis Ireland:

Irish Squash:

Table Tennis Ireland:

Irish Real Tennis Association:

Racquetball Ireland:

Padel Federation of Ireland:

Golf, Snooker and Croquet

European Tour:

PGA Tour:

Golfing Union of Ireland:

Pitch & Putt Union of Ireland:

Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association:

Irish Pool Association (Republic of Ireland):

Northern Ireland Pool Association:

Croquet Association of Ireland:

Bowling & Curling

Irish Lawn Bowls (Republic of Ireland):

Irish Bowling Association (Northern Ireland):

Irish Tenpin Bowling Association:

Irish Indoor Bowling Association:

Irish Road Bowling Association:

Irish Petanque Association (French Boules):

Boccia Ireland (Italian Boules / Bowling):

Irish Curling Asssociation (Bowling on Ice):

Target Sports

Irish National Darts Organisation:

Archery Ireland:

Target Shooting Ireland:

Olympic Sports

Running Sports

Athletics Ireland:

Irish Orienteering Association:

Swimming Sports

Swim Ireland:

Leinster Open Sea:

Irish Bog-Snorkelling Championships:

Winter Sports

Snowsports Association of Ireland:

Ice Skating Association of Ireland:

Irish Bobsleigh & Skeleton Association:

Other (Bar) Olympic Sports

Weightlifting Ireland:

Gymnastics Ireland:

Other Running, Swimming and X-Games

Combat Sports


Irish Athletic Boxing Association:

King of the Travellers (Irish Traditional Bare Knuckle Boxing): (article)

Kickboxing Ireland:

UFC (Conor McGregor):


Irish Amateur Wrestling Association:

WWE (Sheamus):

WWE (Becky Lynch – “The Man”)

Sumo (John Gunning Inside Sport Japan):

Sword Fighting

Irish Fencing:

Medieval Armoured Combat Ireland:

Irish Kendo Federation: (Asian weapon / fencing)

Gladiating (Audrey Garland – ITV’s the Gladiators): (article)

Martial Arts

Irish Martial Arts Commision:

Capoeira Ireland: (Brazilian Martial Art)

MMA (Kokoro MMA / MMA Ireland):

Martial Arts Disciplines

Irish Kenpo Karate Union:

Kenpo Karate Ireland:

Judo Ireland:

Irish Taekwon-Do Association:

Irish Aikido Association:

Gladiating /Adventure weekends


Mayo Adventure weekend:

Activity Centre Cork: (Cork)

Leisure Max:

Adventure Park:

Racing & Polo

Horse Racing

Irish Horse Racing Board:

Irish Harness Racing Association:

Equestrian (Horse Sport Ireland):

Colorado Pack Burro Racing: (Donkey Racing – not currently in Ireland).

Other Racing:

Irish Greyhound Board:

Pigeon Racing UK & Ireland:

Alaska Dog Mushing: (Huskie & Sled Racing – not currently in Ireland).

Polo Sports

Federation of Irish Polo Clubs: (Facebook):

Irish Polocrosse Association: (Facebook):

Montana Cowboy Polo: (not currently played in Ireland)

Other Horse Sport

National Ploughing Association:

Jousting: European Tour (Ireland Stop): (article)

Texas Rodeo: (not currently in Ireland)

North American Racing & Polo Sports (Currently not in Ireland)

Machines & Motorsports

Boat Sports

Irish Sailing Association:

Rowing Ireland:

Canoeing Ireland:

Powerboat Racing: (News site)

Bike Sports

Cycling Ireland:

BMX Ireland:

Mountain Biking Association of Dublin:

Motorcycling Ireland:

Road Bike Racing Ireland:

Motor Sports

Motorsport Ireland (Rallying, Autocross, Hill Climb, Karting, Midget Cars and more):

Stock Car Racing (Northern Ireland):

Stock Car Racing (Waterford):

Stock Car Racing (Tipperary):

Mondello Park (Formula Racing):

Air Racing

Red Bull Flugtag:

Irish Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association:

Drone Racing:

Irish Ballooning Association: (Hot Air Ballooning)

Alternative, X-Games and Ladies Sports

Alternative Sports

Irish Flying Disc Association: (Ultimate Frisbee & Disc Golf)

Quidditch Ireland:


Irish Surfing Association:

Bungee Ireland:

Indoor Climbing:

Ladies Sports

Roller Derby: (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association)

Dublin Roller Derby:

Dancing & Cheerleading

Dance Sport Ireland: (for Men too!)

Cheerleading: (Strike Force Tuam)

Team Combat Sports

Jugger Turniere: (Cross between American Football and Medieval Combat)

Paintball : (Irish Paintball League forum)

Quasar Stats: (Laser Tag)


Card Games

Federation of Irish Bridge:

Poker (Dublin Casino):

Board Games:

Irish Chess Union:

Irish Backgammon:

Irish Draughts:

Irish Go Association: (Japanese Board Game)

Table Games

Table Football Association of Ireland:

Northern Ireland Table Football Association:

Gaelcon: (RPG, LARPS)

Computer Games

Capture the Flag: (CTF Time)

Coonsole Games

American Football Ireland Madden NFL 2020:

Basketball Ireland NBA2K X-Box Chamionship 2020:

Basketball Ireland NBA2K PS4 Championship 2020:

Irish Fantasy Leagues:

Fantasy Gaelic Football:

Fantasy Hurling:

Irish Times Fantasy Rugby Union:

Irish Times Fantasy Golf:

Major League Fantasy Leagues:

NFL Fantasy Football:

Fantasy Premier League:

Major League Baseball Fantasy:

National Basketball Association Fantasy:

National Hockey League Fantasy:

Links to Other Sporting History Websites:

Irish Basketball History: (Rob Gihbu’s History Blog of Early Irish Basketball – 1970s and earlier)

Britball Now (British American Football Archive): (A British American Football Archive – Plenty of Results and History here dating back to the 1980s and earlier)

Italian Encyclopedia of American Football: (An Italian Language Encyclopedia of American Football – Genuinely Encyclopedic when it comes to Italy – where the game wasfirst played in Europe)

Football History (American Football Germany): An alltime results, Standings and Statistics website for American Football in Germany. 7 Divisions (Levels) plus Juniors, International Competitions and Eurobowl. Anything you would want to know about German American Football is there, except Women’s Football (possibly a site of its own?)

Pro Football Archives ( – An archive of the Results, Tables and Players in the North American Pro Football Leagues – American Football, including Minor Leagues)

Sports Reference: (Major Pro American Sports Reference websites: Baseball, Football (American), Basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, College Football (American), College Basketball. Players, Teams, Results, Standings. Searchable for players born in Ireland.

Pro Football Researchers Association – the Premier Association for Historians of Professional American Football- the Canadian Foootball League Encyclopedia, the 2 Volumes of Outsiders – Minor League Football and Massimo Foglio’s book “Touchdown in Europe” – about the History of  American Teams in Europe and the US Armed Forces Leagues they Played in Europe, from the Early 20th Century to the start of the European Leagues played by European Players – come highly recommended by Eirball.)

Rec.Sport.Soccer Statsitics Foundation: A World Soccer Archive that began online in the 1980s. Everything you would want to know about the Results & tables of World Soccer – the Top division of Every Country in the World since the beginning – including countries not currently members of FIFA: e.g. the Vatican City State, Greenland etc.

Sumo Reference: The Results of all bouts in Japan for over a 100 years, researched from old newspaper reports. I have it on the authority of John Gunning (Inside Sport Japan, Japan Times and Ireland’s first World Sumo Championship competitor) that it is one of the greatest sports archives of all time!