Eirball World Sports Archive

The Eirball World Sports Archive is an All-Time Archive of Results and Tables from World Sports in Ireland and Irish players around the World.

Sports such as Lacrosse, Rugby League, Australian Football, Netball, Water Polo, Volleyball, Olympic Handball (European Handball), Futsal (Indoor Soccer), Badminton and World Sports (Kabaddi, Sepak Takraw, Polo, Cestoball, Ringball, Korfball, Scandinavian Baseball (Brannbol, Pesapallo), Bandy and Roller Hockey, and Native American Stickball and Native Mexican Sports and World Football Codes from Asia, to Australian Aboriginal to African) have a long and distinguished history in Ireland or are sometimes just starting off here.

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National Sports

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Men’s Lacrosse Ireland, Women’s Lacrosse Ireland, Indoor (Box) Lacrosse Ireland, Irish International Lacrosse, Polocrosse, World Lacrosse

Rugby League Ireland, RL Nines, Wheelchair Rugby, Tag Rugby League

AFL Ireland, Women’s Footy, Super 9s/10s, Australian Football League

Global Sports

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Netball Ireland, Mixed Dublin Netball, International Netball, Schools Netball, College Netball

Hockey Ireland, FIH International Hockey, Schools Hockey, Leinster Hockey

Cricket Ireland, ICC International Cricket, Leinster Cricket

North Atlantic Indoor Sports

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Swim Ireland Water Polo, Irish Water Polo Association, International Water Polo, Water Polo Tournaments, Schools Water Polo, Canoe Polo, Underwater Hockey, Scottish Water Polo

Irish Olympic Handball Association, Men’s Handball, Women’s Handball, International Handball

Volleyball Ireland, Irish Volleyball Association, NI Volleyball, Colleges and Schools Volleyball, Regional Spikeball (East, South, West, Donegal, Waterford), Beach Volleyball Ireland

World Sports

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Ultimate, Quidditch, Roller Derby, Dodgeball, Jugger, Paintball / Airsoft, Laser Tag (Quasar), Capture the Flag

Korfball (Dutch Basketball), Lelo Burti (Georgian Rugby), Bandy (Russian & Scandinavian Ice Hockey), Roller Hockey (Portuguese National Sport), Brannbol (Scandinavian Baseball), Pesapallo (Finnish Baseball), Medieval European Sports (Jeu et Tradi Normandie), Italian Tamburello

Cestoball (Argentine Basketball), Ringball (South African Basketball), Cuju (Chinese Football), Kemari (Japanese Football), Chandimu (Tanzanian Football), Marn Grook (Australian Aboriginal Football), Polo (Iranian), Sepak Takraw (Thai-Malaysian Volleyball), Kabaddi (Indian Tag Game), Ulama Pok-ta-Pok (Maya-Aztec Hip-Ball), Stickball (Choctaw Lacrosse)

Eirball Websites

American Football Ireland (American Football, Youth League, 8v8 Leagues, Flag Football, Internationals, Team Histories, Box-Scores and Team Rosters), Football USA (NFL, Alternatives Leagues (AFLs, XFLs, USFLs, WFLs, Spring Leagues, Failed Leagues) NCAA College Football, Minor Football Leagues, Semi-Pro State Football, High School Football, Armed Forces Football), Canadian Football (CFL, Canadian Junior Football League, Canadian University Football, Provincial Leagues), Arena Indoor Football (Arena Indoor Football USA, LEXFA Mexico, Super 8 Football League Baja-California-Nevada-Texas, World Arena Leagues), World American Football (American Football World Cup, Internationals, American Teams Overseas, European Leagues (Professional European League of Football, National, Regional and State Leagues), Mexico Leagues (LFA Mexico, FAM 2nd Division, ONEFA Public Universities, CONADEIP Private Universities, State Leagues), Japan Leagues (Japan X-League Social League, University Leagues, JPFF Japan Private Football League), World Leagues (Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russia & CIS, South America, Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, Indian Subcontinent, China and South East Asia) Women’s American Football (WFA, Legends Leagues, European, Canadian Women’s Football) Flag Football (Major World Flag Football Tournaments)

Hurling, Gaelic Football, Camogie, Ladies Gaelic, Handball (GAA Handball, World Handball, European Wallball, Eton Fives, Pelota a Mano and Frisian Kaatsen) Poc Fada, Rounders (GAA Rounders, Community Games Rounders, World Rounders, Rounders Internationals, British Rounders) International Rules (Compromise Rules Football, Hurling-Shinty, Handball-Pelota, Rounders-Baseball, Hurlacrosse, Poc Fada Golf, Tallaght Rules Basketball-Futsal) GAA Provinces and Counties (GAA Connacht, GAA Leinster, GAA Munster, GAA Ulster, GAA Internationals, GAA Britain, GAA World Games, Gaeltacht GAA, GAA Sevens and Elevens), Celtic & Atlantic Sports (Scottish Shinty, Welsh Baseball, Galicia GAA, Brittany GAA, Basque Pelota, Calcio & Medieval Football – Calcio Fiorentino, British Medieval Football, Manx Cammag, Cornish Hurling)

Rugby Union, Hockey, Cricket, Lacrosse, Rugby League, Australian Football, Netball, Water Polo, Volleyball, Olympic Handball, Alternative Sports (Ultimate Frisbee, Quidditch, Roller Derby, Dodgeball, Jugger, Paintball / Airsoft, Laser Tag (Quasar), Capture the Flag, Canoe Polo, Underwater Hockey); World Sports (Korfball, Scandinavian Baseball, Bandy, Roller Hockey, Kabaddi, Sepak Takraw, Polo and Polocrosse, Ringette, Stickball, Ulama / Pok-ta-Pok, Road Tennis, Cestoball, Ringball and Asian, Australian Aboriginal and African versions of Football

Ireland (All-Ireland Cups, League of Ireland, SBAI Kennedy Cup), Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland Football League, Fermanagh & Western), Connacht/Ulster Leagues (Connacht Senior, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo/Leitrim, Donegal, Monaghan Cavan), Dublin Leagues (Athletic Union League, Amateur Football League, Leinster Football League), Leinster Leagues (Leinster Senior, Leinster Junior), Munster Leagues (Limerick District, Tipperary Southern), Women’s (Women’s National League, NIWFL), Football Fives (Futsal, Indoor Soccer, College Super Leagues, 5-a-side & 7-a-side, Astroleagues, Street Soccer, Powerchair Football), World Soccer (FIFA World, UEFA Europe, CSF South America, CONCACAF North America, AFC Asia, CAF Africa, OFC Oceania, CONIFA Independent, Island Games, World Indoor & Arena Soccer)

The Eirball Club (Irish Racquet, Green and Target Sports Archive) is now up and running – Racquet Sports: Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Real Tennis, Racquetball, Padel, Green Sports: Golf, Snooker & Pool, Bowling (Lawn, Tenpin, Indoor, Petanque), Croquet and Target Sports: Darts, Curling, Archery, Target Shooting