Commonwealth Sports include Rugby Union, Hockey, Cricket, Netball, Australian Rules, Rugby League and Lacrosse played to a high level, including Professional in Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and the Caribbean.

This page covers the World Pro Leagues and High Level Amateur Leagues in the above sports in the Commonwealth of Nations or Leagues that include Commonwealth of Nations countries and sports.

World Rugby Union

Celtic Rugby

Pro 12 Rugby 2010-2017

Guinness Pro 14 Rugby 2017-Present

World Australian Football

17 Irish women played in the Australian Football League Womens in 2020.

Australian Football League Premiership (Seasons): 2019

Australian Football League Womens (Seasons): 2020

World Lacrosse

National Lacrosse League (North American Major Indoor League):

Major Indoor Lacrosse League 1987-1990

National Lacrosse League Alterna Cup (Seasons): 2019-20