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Ulama (as known to the Mexica (Aztecs) or Pok-ta-Pok (as known to the Maya) is a Native Mexican and Central American Sports using a rubber ball and the hips. It is played in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. Road Tennis is the National Sport of Barbados.

Mesoamerican Ulama Pok-ta-Pok

Ulama (Pok-ta-Pok)

Ulama is the ancient sport of the Native Aztec (Mexica) and Maya of Central America (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras). It is played with the hips, with two teams trying to propel the ball past the opposing team and has been played since 1400 BC. It is known as “Pok Ta Pok” to the Maya and “Ulama” to the Mexica.

The Juego de Pelota Mesoamerican Ulamaztli Championship is an Annual Regional Competition in Teotihuacan, Mexico City, the seat of the ancient religious / ritual centre, and where the most impressive ancient Ball Court is to be seen.

The Ulama Mesoamerican Ball Game Tournament is the Annual World Cup basically, bringing together teams from Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.

Ulama Mesoamerican Ball Game Tournament (Ulama World Cup)

Ulama Mesoamerican Ball Game Tournament 2017-2018

Juego de Pelota Mesoamerican Ulamaztli Championship (Teotihuacan, Mexico)

Juego de Pelota Championship (seasons): 2017

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Road Tennis

Professional Road Tennis Association

Road Tennis is the traditional sport of Barbados, and is played, like tennis, with a racquet on a court, except in Barbados, the court is the road and the racquet is wooden. the net is also wooden, and 8 inches high. The ball is bald.

Professional Road Tennis Association (Seasons): 2018

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