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Relocation Football League Season 5 2033 (Real Time 2020)

Relocation Football League Logo [Ref: 4]

RFL AFC Standings

AFC East
*Dublin Celtic Tigers1615103422.938
Orlando Sentinels1611502721.688
London Black Knights169702221.688
London Bulldogs169702425.688
AFC West
*San Diego Red Dragons1613302214.813
Houston Voyageurs1611502823.625
Portland River Hogs1610602419.625
Salt Lake City Pioneers1641201927.250
AFC North
*Brooklyn Bulls1613302219.813
Chicago Cougars1612402917.750
Toronto Huskies1611502822.588
Columbus Aviators1651102126.313
AFC South
*San Antonio Dreadnoughts1613302821.813
Mexico City Conquistadores169702522.563
Austin Armadillos169702725.563
Oklahoma City Bisons1651102329.313
NFC East
*New York Giants167902323.438
Philadelphia Eagles1661002325.375
Dallas Cowboys1641202029.250
Washington Redskins1631301826.188
NFC West
*Los Angeles Rams168802325.500
Seattle Seahawks167902426.438
Arizona Cardinals1661002224.375
San Francisco 49ers1631301825.188
NFC North
*Chicago Bears169702423.563
Detroit Lions167901924.438
Minnesota Vikings1661002022.375
Green Bay Packers1641202126.250
NFC South
*Tampa Bay Buccaneers168802422.500
New Orleans Saints167902225.438
Carolina Panthers1661002325.375
Atlanta Falcons1661002324.375
RFL AFC Final Standings Season 5 2033 (Real Time 2020) [Ref: 1]

RFL NFC Standings

AFC East
*New England Patriots1610602622.625
*Miami Dolphins167902325.438
New York Jets1651101622.313
Buffalo Bills1651102024.313
AFC West
*Kansas City Chiefs1611502718.688
Las Vegas Raiders1661002324.375
San Diego Chargers1651101924.313
Denver Broncos1621401728.125
AFC North
*Cincinnati Bengals168802024.500
Baltimore Ravens166912224.406
Cleveland Browns1651101722.313
Pittsburgh Steelers1621311828.156
AFC South
*Houston Texans168802422.500
*Tennessee Titans167902024.438
Indianapolis Colts1651101924.313
Jacksonville Jaguars1651101823.313
NFC East
*Memphis Steamers1612402824.750
Dublin Shamrocks1610602521.625
Houston Gunners168802721.500
London Monarchs1651101929.313
NFC West
*San Diego Crusaders1610602726.625
Salt Lake City Elks169702420.563
Portland Snowhawks169702323.563
Sacramento Condors167902428.438
NFC North
*Toronto Thunderbirds1615102713.938
*Columbus Explorers1614202913.875
Brooklyn Barons169702627.563
Chicago Tigers1661002125.438
NFC South
*San Antonio Marshalls1613302818.813
*Oklahoma City Lancers1611502420.688
Austin Desperados1611502924.688
Mexico City Diablos169702725.563
RFL NFC Final Standings Season 5 2033 (Real Time 2020) [Ref: 2]

RFL NFC Playoffs

Home TeamAway Team
Wild-Card Round
Columbus ExplorersSan Diego Crusaders
Miami DolphinsCincinnati Bengals
Oklahoma City LancersMemphis Steamers
Tennessee TitansHouston Texans
RFL NFC Playoffs 2033 (Real Time 2020) [Ref: 3]


The Relocation Football League is a Madden NFL Console Computer Sports League, featuring Real Players who take control of a team in the NFL, including Relocation Teams. For the first four seasons it had just Relocation Teams, but doubled in size for its fifth season adding the Real NFC and AFC teams, making a 64-team League.

Season 5 is set in 2033, but took place in Real time in 2020. Division winners were: Dublin Celtic Tigers, San Diego Red Dragons, Brooklyn Bulls, San Antonio Dreadnoughts, New York Giants, Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, Memphis Steamers, San Diego Crusaders, Toronto Thunderbirds and San Antonio Marshalls.


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