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IOHA Irish Olympic Handball Association Senior Women’s League 2022-23

League Table


Legend / Key: T=Total Games. W=Won (2 Pts). D=Drawn (1 Pt). L=Lost (0 Pts). F=Goals For. A=Goals Against. DIFF=Goal Difference (F-A). Pts= Total Points. Note: League Table Calculated automatically from Results. Please visit the IOHA website for Official League Table at: https://www.olympichandball.org/IOHA-senior-handball-leagues [Last Accessed 6 November 2022]

Fixtures & Results

Results compiled from Results on IOHA website. Please visit the IOHA website for Official League Table at: https://www.olympichandball.org/IOHA-senior-handball-leagues [Last Accessed 6 November 2022]

Gameweek by Gameweek Recaps

Gameweek 1 (22/29 October 2022)

Two extremely close games to opened the 2022-23 Irish Olympic Handball Association Senior Women’s League. UC Cork travelled to UC Dublin to take on the students in Belfield and came away with a 14-13 victory to head the table after gameweek 1. The previous weekend Dublin City and Astra played a 28-28 draw in Dublin City University. [References: 1]

Gameweek 2 (12-13 November 2022)

Astra HC moved to the top of the Table with a 35-14 defeat of rivals UC Dublin who remained pointless. Meanwhile in Phibblestown Dublin International HC got their season underway with a 32-20 victory over previous leaders UC Cork. [References: 1]

Gameweek 3 (19 November 2022)

Dublin City Handball gained their first victory of the season 32-21 at UC Dublin to move to three points alongside Astra who were on a bye week. Dublin International HC had a tough 20-19 victory at UC Cork to take the leaders spot in the Women’s Senior League on four points leaving UC Cork in fourth on two points. [References: Compiled from results in S-1 to S-5]

Gameweek 4 (21-22 January 2023)

Astra defeated Dublin City 24-23 in an extremely close game and Dublin International HC won 27-14 versus UC Dublin as the top two solidified their positions. [References: Compiled from results in S-1]

Gameweek 5 (4 February 2023)

UC Dublin won 23-21 at Mardyke Arena in Cork versus their UC Cork counterparts. The win was UC Dublin’s first of the season. [References: Compiled from results in S-1]

Gameweek 6 (11-12 February 2023)

Astra continued with their undefeated streak, now at four games as the DCU-based team won 41-22 at UC Dublin. Meanwhile in Phibblestown, Dublin International HC were shocked 14-21 by Dublin City HC to make it two wins from two for DCU-based teams over the weekend. Astra took over the lead from DIHC following the weekend’s results with Dublin City right back in the mix. [References: Compiled from results in S-1]

Gameweek 7 (25 February 2023)

Dublin International HC defeated UC Dublin 24-13 to gain their fourth win from five games. [References: S-1].

Gameweek 8 (4 March 2023)

Astra triumphed 23-17 versus Dublin International at DCU to make it 9 points from five games for the Northside-based team. At the Mardyke Arena in Cork, UC Cork fell 19-31 to Dublin City who were now on 7 points from five games. DIHC were on 8 points from six games. [References: S-1]

Gameweek 9 (11 March 2023)

At DCU, Dublin City Handball doubled the score of Dublin International, winning 28-14 to move above the Phibblestown-based DIHC on 9 points. Astra improved to 11 points with a 44-27 victory at UCD Sports Hall versus UC Cork. [References: S-1]

Gameweek 10 (25 March 2023)

Dublin City defeated UC Dublin 38-9 to make four wins in a row for the DCU-based team, and Astra picked up a forfeit victory at UC Cork to move to 13 points. The final games of the season in mid-April will decide the destiny of the League Title with the Final Four Playoffs to follow. Dublin City seem assured of a victory over UC Cork while Astra travel to Phibblestown to face Dublin International, who would be looking to regain some form and upset the Title celebrations with Astra needing at least a draw to be assured of the League Title. [References: S-1]

Irish Olympic Handball Association Senior Women’s League Teams 2022-23

Map of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Dublin (Insert) showing Irish Olympic Handball Senior Women’s League Teams 2022-23 Vector Contributor Rainer Lesniewski (2022) administrative map of Ireland and Northern Ireland [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/administrative-map-ireland-northern-1665171421 [Last Accessed 11 August 2022][Overlaid with Map of Dublin isolated from: Vector — Map of Ireland administrative divisions on counties level Copyright: lesniewski [Internet] Available from: https://www.123rf.com/photo_51580818_map-of-ireland-administrative-divisions-on-counties-level.html?vti=lnoo9k86jx77fg2u6b-1-1 [Accessed 10 January 2022][IOHA Team Logos added by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball – see References HCL-1 to HCL-5][16 November 2022]

Olympic Handball Stock Photo

Women's Handball
Picture Credits: [1] Photo Contributor: Dziurek Detail of handball goal crossbar with net and women handball match in the background. [Internet] Available from: Detail Handball Goal Crossbar Net Women Stock Photo 2060697002 | Shutterstock [Accessed and edited by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball 1 November 2022

About the Irish Olympic Handball Association

The Irish Olympic Handball Association was established in 1975 and is recognised by the Irish Sports Council, Olympic Council of Ireland, European Handball Federation and the International Handball Federation as the sole governing body for Olympic Handball in Ireland. [References: 2]

About the IOHA Senior Women’s League 2022-23

The IOHA Irish Olympic Handball Association Senior Women’s League features five teams: three University teams – Dublin City, UC Dublin and UC Cork; Dublin International based in the North Dublin / Fingal Borough suburb of Ongar; and Astra who share DCU Sports Arena with Dublin City. [References: 1]


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