Legends Football League Australia 2013-14

Final Standings

*NSW Surge431011238.750
*Western Australia Angels422010676.500
Queensland Brigade422050117.500
Victoria Maidens41305794.250
Legends Football League Australia Final Standings 2013-14 [Compiled from Results in: 2-7]

Playoff Results

 Legends Cup Australia   
 2014NSW Surge36Western Australia Angels15
Legends Football League Australia Legends Cup Australia 2013-14 [Reference: 8]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
07.12.2013NSW Surge44Queensland Brigade6
14.12.2013Victoria Maidens32Western Australia Angels26
21.12.2013Western Australia Angels20NSW Surge13
28.12.2013NSW Surge36Victoria Maidens12
06.01.2014Queensland Brigade0Western Australia Angels41
Week 6NSW Surge14Victoria Maidens0
Week 7Queensland Brigade18Victoria Maidens13
02.02.2014Queensland Brigade26Western Australia Angels19
Legends Football League Australia Regular Season Results 2013-14 [Compiled from Results in: 2-7]


Linda Holland was born in Cork before moving to Perth, Western Australia in 2009. She started playing American Football there and in 2013 when the Legends Football League came to Australia she jumped at the opportunity to play Professional American Football. Even though the League has garnered criticism for the tiny shorts and crop tops the players wear (at first they played in Lingerie but that was changed after sexism claims) Linda said it was an honour to represent her country, describing herself as “Irish by birth, Irish by grace of God”. [1]

The Western Australia Angels reached the Final in 2013-14, losing 36-15 to NSW Surge.[8] They had qualified for the Legends Cup by finishing second in the four team league with a 2-2 record, losing in Week 1, 26-32 to the Victoria Maidens, before winning the next two against NSW Surge, 20-18 in Week 3, and 41-0 against Queensland Brigade in Week 5. They surprisingly lost their last regular season match 26-19 in the return match with Queensland, but made the Legends Cup Final on head-to-head.

The Lingerie Football League was a Ladies 7v7 Indoor Gridiron (American Football) League that started as an alternative to the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2004. The Ladies played with very little in terms of protective clothing. The League was criticized as sexist, although in 2013 the lingerie was replaced with bicycle shorts and crop-tops, changing its name to the Legends Football League in the process.

In 2012-13 LFL Global introduced a four-team League in Canada, which lost its broadcasting rights after one season, and was replaced by another four team league in Australia, which again only lasted one season.



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