Kickboxing Ireland Award Winners 2019

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Youngest/Younger Cadet Forms/Weapons GirlsLeah KiernanSKMAA
Youngest/Younger Cadet Forms/Weapons BoysJake CarrollSKMAA
CHF -PFZoe HicksIon
CHM – PFSam O’Toole
Aranas Orlovas
Younger Cadet Girls PointsLucy Conlon OatesLeo
Younger Cadet Boys PointsKyle MooreKFMA
Older Cadet Girls PointsSarah CassidyTMA
Coaches Choice – Athlete with DistinctionNathan ClarkeTMA
Older Cadet Girls Forms/WeaponsHeide McLoughlinSKMAA
Older Cadet Boys Forms/WeaponsBilly McLawrenceRank 1
Junior Boys Forms/WeaponsMax MillarSKMAA
Older Cadet Boys Light/Kick LightCialam DowdallTMA
Light Contact Junior BoysLuke McCannHMA
Kick Light Junior BoysLuke CroninWest Cork
Junior Girls Light/Kick LightRobyn McDonnellRed Star
Junior Girls PointsJodie BrowneTMA
Full – Low Kick & K1 BoysZak RiddellKKC
Female VetsAine ConlonLeo
Male VetsNicky TreacyBMA
Men Full Contact/Low Kick/K1Jake RiddellKKC
Women Full Contact/Low Kick/K1Deirdre BegleyWest Cork
Women PointsKeri BrowneTMA
Mens PointsConor McGlinchyTMA
Female Forms & WeaponsJessica GrantSKMAA
Women Light Contact & Kick LightLily De La CourWest Cork
Mens ContinuousTony StephensonWest Cork
Junior Athlete of the Year (Girl)Robyn McDowellRed Star
Junior Athlete of the Year (boy)Luke McCannHMA
Senior Athlete of the Year (Male)Tony StephensonWest Cork
Senior Athlete of the Year (Female)Lily de La CourWest Cork
Kickboxing Ireland Award Winners 2019 [References: 2]


The 2019 Kickboxing Ireland Awards saw Tony Stephenson (Senior Male), Lily De La Cour (Senior Female), Luke McCann (Junior Boys) and Robyn McDowell (Junior Girl) pick up the Athlete of the Year Awards.

Kickboxers in Action [Reference: 3][Picture Credit: Kickboxing Ireland]



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