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Lingerie Football League Canada 2012-13

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LFL Canada 2012-13

*Saskatoon Sirens431012199.750
*BC Angels42209889.500
Regina Rage4220117128.500
Toronto Triumph4130103133.250
Lingerie Football League Canada Standings 2012-13 Reference: [1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Lingerie Bowl I
2012Saskatoon Sirens12BC Angels25
Lingerie Football League Canada Playoff Results 2012-13 Reference: [2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
25.08.2012BC Angels41ReginaRage18
01.09.2012Saskatoon Sirens22BC Angels18
08.09.2012Regina Rage40Toronto Triumph32
15.09.2012Toronto Triumph22Saskatoon Sirens44
29.09.2012BC Angels31Toronto Triumph27
06.10.2012Saskatoon Sirens20Regina Rage26
21.10.2012Regina Rage33Saskatoon Sirens35
27.10.2012Toronto Triumph22BC Angels8
Lingerie Football League Canada Regular Season Results 2012-13 [Reference: compiled from 1;3]


BC Angels won the first ever Lingerie Football League Canada title with a 25-12 triumph over Saskatoon Sirens in the 2012-13 Lingerie Bowl Canada. The four team league saw each team play four games, and the 3-1 Saskatoon Sirens and 2-2 BC Angels qualified for the Bowl after finishing ahead of the 2-2 Regina Rage and 1-3 Toronto Triumph.

The Lingerie Football League was a Ladies 7v7 Indoor Gridiron (American Football) League that started as an alternative to the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2004. The Ladies played with very little in terms of protective clothing. The League was criticized as sexist, although in 2013 the lingerie was replaced with bicycle shorts and crop-tops, changing its name to the Legends Football League in the process.

In 2012-13 LFL Global introduced a four-team League in Canada, which lost its broadcasting rights after one season, and was replaced by another four team league in Australia, which again only lasted one season.


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