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Ultimate Strength Uzbekistan 2017

Irish Strength Association Logo [Reference: 1]

Pa O’Dwyer’s Record

Overall6th / 14
Log Lift12th
Viking Press7th
Medley3rd110kg Block / 140Kg Axle
World Strongman Association Uzbekistan 2017 – Pa O’Dwyer’s Record [Reference: 2]


Ireland’s Strongest Man, Pa O’Dwyer, who represented Team Celts at the World Championships, came 6th of 14 in this competition in Uzbekistan in 2017. Managing to finish 12th in the Log Lift and 7th in the Viking Press, Pa made his name in the third event, the dealift, managing to lift 520 kg, just 4 kg off the World record and placing him in first place in the event. In the Final event, the medley he finished 3rd, achieving 6th overall.

Pa O’Dwyer Ireland’s Strongest Man in action in Uzbekistan 2017 where he finished 6th [Reference: 3][Picture Credit: Irish Strength Association]



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Thanks to Mark McManus (a.k.a “Eric the Viking”)

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