IOHA-SHA Celtic Cup Women 2022-23

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Final 4 Results

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Group Results

Group 1

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Group 2

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Day 1 (26 November 2022)

At the Dublin City University Sports Arena, Astra Women guaranteed their place in the Final Four of the Celtic Cup by winning both games in Group 1 on the opening Saturday, 29-16 versus UC Dublin and 26-24 versus Scottish team Kelvinside. In Group 2 both Dublin City Handball and Dublin International HC won through to the last four with 27-13 and 24-12 victories over Troon of Scotland, also at DCU Sports Arena. [References: 2]

Day 2 (27 November 2022)

Continuing play at DCU witnessed UC Dublin join the other three Irish teams in the Final Four with a 21-15 defeat of Scotland’s Kelvinside in Group 1 while in Group 2 Dublin City Handball and Dublin International battled it out for first place with Dublin City winning 20-10. All four Irish teams now went forward to the Final Four to be played in Scotland early in 2023. [References: 1-2]

About IOHA-SHA Celtic Cup Women 2022-23

The Irish Olympic Handball Association (IOHA) and the Scottish Handball Association (SHA) joined up to host the Celtic Cup in 2022-23 featuring both Men’s and Women’s Club Competitions. The Women’s Celtic Cup for 2022-23 featured four IOHA representatives: Astra, UC Dublin, Dublin City Handball and Dublin International HC, while two teams represented the SHA: Kelvinside and Troon. The six teams were divided into two Groups of three (two Irish and one Scottish team in each) to be played in November 2022 at Dublin City University. The top two teams of each group go on to play in the Final Four in Scotland in early 2023. [References: 1-2]

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