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Gymnastics Ireland Women’s Artistic National Series Team Results 2019

Gymnastics Ireland National Series Logo [Reference: 1]

Final Standings 9th-10th November 2019

RankTeam / CategoryTotal
Womens Artistic 3-5 Plus Teams
1Excel Team146.119
2Carragaline Team141.134
3DP Team A138.335
4Janz Team A138.002
5DP Team B133.668
6Douglas Team A131.352
7Renmore Team A129.750
8Leader Team128.286
9Wexford Team128.151
10DP Team C127.334
11Phoenix Team125.051
12Janz Team B123.219
13Douglas Team B121.967
Womens Artistic 6-8 Plus Teams
1Excel Team131.018
2Muckross Park Team130.201
3Renmore Team127.166
4DP Team125.916
5Arabian Team121.369
Womens Artistic Advanced Club Teams
1Excel Team140.816
2Douglas Team130.219
3Muckross Park Team A128.017
4Oldbawn Team127.135
5Muckross Park Team B118.984
Womens Artistic Intermediate Teams
1Excel Team139.619
3Nadia Team133.469
4Trojan Team132.749
5Muckross Park Team A132.369
6Old Bawn Pink Team130.915
7Janz Team A130.651
8Wexford Team130.568
9Old Bawn Blue Team127.669
10Limerick Team127.634
11Waterford Team127.101
12Muckross Park Team B124.985
13DP Team124.566
14Leap Team123.353
15Janz Team B120.649
16Portlaoise Team119.901
17Phoenix Team117.068
18Athlone Team 1116.551
19Coolmine Team112.684
20NPGA Team112.368
21Athlone Team 21106.351
Womens Artistic FIG Teams
1Renmore Team147.069
2Salto Team129.970
3Janz Team115.437
Womens Artistic Level 2A Under 9
1Kilkenny White Team130.417
2Wexford Team B129.584
3Wexford Team A128.733
4DP Team128.700
5Aerials Team128.234
6Wave Team B127.583
7Nadia Team127.152
8Gorey Team126.499
9Kilkenny Gold Team126.267
10Limerick Team125.169
11Sugarloaf Team123.203
12Portlaoise Team 2123.153
13Wave Team A122.667
14Dungarvan Team121.267
15Mountmellick Team120.667
16Coolmine Team119.590
17Portlaoise Team 1118.435
Womens Artistic Level 2A Over 9
1Carrigaline Team133.918
2Renmore Team133.452
3Gorey Team A132.866
4Nadia Team131.984
5Gorey Team B130.400
6Gorey Team D129.650
7Dungarvan Team A1129.400
8Portlaoise Team 1129.368
9Gorey Team C129.334
10Why not me Team A129.133
11Aerials Team A128.852
12Why not me Team B127.651
13Portlaoise Team 2127.535
14Aerials Team B127.450
15Dungarvan Team B127.317
16Portlaoise Team 3122.317
17Mountmellick Team116.688
Womens Artistic Level 2B Under 9
1Carrigaline Team128.265
2DP Team125.917
3Limerick Team123.384
4Coolmine Team122.368
5Waterford Team118.233
6Nadia Team117.450
7Trojan Team113.753
8NPGA Team110.834
9Dungarvan Team108.849
Womens Artistic Level 2B Over 9
1Leap Team135.981
2Aerials Team B129.764
3Carrigaline Team129.449
4Coolmine Team128.383
5Nadia Team122.950
6Portlaoise Team 1121.434
7Aerials Team A120.532
8Carrick on Shannon Team118.818
9Dungarvan Team B113.832
10Dungarvan Team A110.782
11Phoenix Team108.551
12Portlaoise Team 2107.284
13Waterford Team94.367
Womens Artistic Level 2C Under 9
1Old Bawn Blue Team139.350
2Carrigaline Team138.950
3Leader Team137.399
4Wexford Team134.700
5Coolmine Team133.350
6DP Team132.250
7Excel Team130.750
8Douglas Team B129.451
9Old Bawn Pink Team123.702
10Douglas Team A122.201
11Phoenix Team119.850
12Nadia Team119.050
13Cobra Team113.400
14Grange Team A108.401
15Grange Team B98.201
Womens Artistic Level 2C Over 9
1Carrigaline Team123.364
2Nadia Team122.486
3Gorey Team121.335
4Waterford Team120.401
5Phoenix Team112.781
6Grange Team107.686
Womens Artistic Level 3 Under 10
1Renmore Team B130.435
2Nadia Team129.800
3Old Bawn Team128.669
4Carrigaline Team125.900
5Renmore Team C125.085
6Portlaoise Team 1125.079
7Arabian Individual122.660
8Excel Team121.059
9Athlone Team118.968
10Trojan Team118.840
11Renmore Team A117.767
12Dungarvan Team116.602
13Portlaoise Team 2115.847
14Monutmellick Team115.801
15Phoenix Team113.400
16Cobra Team113.109
17Kilkenny Team113.001
18Rainbow Team 1110.668
19Grange Team108.850
20Rainbow Team 293.884
Womens Artistic Level 3 Over 10
1Carrigaline Team B137.501
2DP Team134.536
3Nadia Team134.535
4Renmore Team A131.136
5Leap Team128.316
6Excel Team127.870
7Aerials Team127.253
8Old Bawn Team126.669
9Carrigaline Team A125.802
10Dungarvan Team B124.202
11Renmore B124.086
12Rainbow Team 1122.786
13Athlone Team121.586
14Kilkenny Team121.404
15Dungarvan Team A121.369
16Portlaoise Team 2120.552
17Limerick Team120.287
18Portlaoise Team 1119.703
19NPGA Team118.134
20Cobra Team117.835
21Grange Team C112.803
22Mountmellick Team112.807
23Rainbow Team 2111.069
24Rainbow Team 3107.670
25Grange Team103.818
Womens Artistic Level 4 Under 11
1Nadia Team139.777
2Carrigaline Team134.561
3Excel Team133.885
4Old Bawn Blue Team133.447
5Arabian Team133.367
6Coolmine Team128.291
7Old Bawn Pink team128.075
8Phoenix Team126.641
9Dungarvan Team126.285
10Cobra Team125.843
11Limerick Team125.768
12Athlone Team122.660
13Trojan Team122.562
14Waterford Team119.795
15NPGA Team117.755
16Mountmellick Team116.455
17Grange Team101.568
18Portloaise Team81.014
Womens Artistic Level 4 Over 11
1Limerick Team127.201
2Carrigaline Team126.533
3Old Bawn Team126.334
4Aerials Team124.284
5Portlaoise Team124.234
6Nadia Team123.386
7Waterford Team121.068
8Janz Team120.201
9Excel Team120.082
10Dungarvan Team119.302
11Phoenix Team119.302
12NPGA Team117.519
13Grange Team113.984
14Mountmellick Team106.035
Womens Artistic Level 5 Under 12
1Arabian Team133.085
2NPGA Team B132.185
3NPGA Team A130.300
4DP Team129.604
5Carrigaline Team128.104
6Old Bawn Team124.588
7Waterford Team122.253
8Portlaoise Team122.019
9Janz Team115.899
Womens Artistic Level 5 Over 12
1Carrigaline Team128.084
2Dungarvan Team124.017
3NPGA Team120.151
4Limerick Team119.967
5Aerials Team119.752
6Grange Team A107.050
7Grange Team B104.417
Gymnastics Ireland Women’s Artistic National Team Results 2019 [Reference: 2]


The Gymnastics Ireland Women’s Artistic National Series was held overthe weekend of 9th to 10th November 2019, with Excel Team winning four of the Team Events, Carrigaline Team winning five, Renmore Team two, and Nadia Team, Arabian Team, Leap Team, KIlkenny Team, Limerick team and Old Bawn Team winning one each.

In all 217 teams entered the various Age Groups and Categories. Renmore Team won the FIG (Federation of International Gymastics) Category, ahead of Salto Team and Janz Team. Excel won the 3-5 Plus, 6-8 Plus, Advanced and Intermediate Categories. Carrigalines wins all came in the Level 2A to Level 5 Categories, as did all the other Team victories for Renmore Team, Nadia Team, Arabian Team, Kilkenny Team, Limerick Team and Old Bawn Team.



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