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PGA Tour Irish Golfers; Golfing Union of Ireland; Irish Ladies Golfing Union

Golf, while a Scottish Game with Celtic Roots, is very popular in Ireland, with Irish Professionals on the European and US PGA Tours counting among the most successful.

There are a number of Tours in Ireland with weekly tournaments held at a different club each week, as well as clubs throughout Ireland which hold Prize Day tournaments.

PGA Tour

Professional Golfers Association PGA Tour (Irish Golfers) (Seasons): 2018 2020-21

European PGA Tour

European Tour Carroll’s Irish Open (Seasons): 1991

Golfing Union of Ireland

GUI All-Ireland Gold Medals (Seasons): 2020

GUI Smurfit Irish PGA (Seasons): 1991


Sean Flanagan Leukaemia Trust Pro Am (Seasons): 1991

Terry Wogan Classic (Seasons): 1991

Youth Championships

GUI Motorola Leinster Youths Championship (Seasons): 1991

Irish Ladies Golfing Union

ILGU National Club Competitions

ILGU Eileen Murphy Fourball (Seasons): 2020

ILGU AIB Ladies Scratch Cup (Seasons): 1991

ILGU Irish Ladies Senior cup (Seasons): 1991

Irish Alliances

Connacht Senior Alliances (Seasons): 1990-91

Golf Club Tournaments & Leagues

Wicklow Golf Club

Wicklow GC Mens (Seasons): 2020 1991

Wicklow GC Ladies (Seasons): 2020

Wicklow GC Winter League (Seasons): 2019-20

Wicklow GC Ladies League 9-Hole Spring League (seasons): 2020

Wicklow GC Mens Matchplay (Seasons): 2019

Wicklow GC Ladies Matchplay (Seasons): 2019

Wicklow Golf Club Matchplay Junior 2006-Present

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Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association

Snooker is played on a table covered with a green baize and with six holes (pockets) at the four corners and halfway down both sides. The object of the game is to use a white ball (hit with a cue) to knock coloured balls into pockets. The balls are worth different points for each colour from 1 (red) to 7 (Black).

Variations on the game include Pool (smaller table and two sets of balls – stripes and spots); Billiards and Bagatelle.

Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association

RIBSA Senior Snooker Events:

Republic of Ireland Billiards and Snooker Association | Senior Event Top 10 Snooker Rankings 2001-2017

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Student Sport Ireland; Northern Ireland Blackball Association

Colleges & Universities

Student Sport Ireland Pool League (Seasons): 2019-20

Northern Ireland Blackball Association

Ballyclare Pool League (Seasons): 1994-95

Ballyclare & District Pool League (Seasons): 2016-17

Carrickfergus & District Pool League (Overviews):

Carrickfergus & District Pool League Champions 1995-Present

Carrickfergus & District Pool League (Seasons): 2019-20

Tennent’s Coleraine & District Pool League (Seasons): 2013-14

Dromara & District Pool League (Seasons): 2016-17

East Down Pool League (Seasons): 2019-20

Larne Town & Country Pool League (Seasons): 1994-95

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CAI Irish Championships

Croquet Association of Ireland Logo [Ref; 2]

The origins of Croquet are unclear, it may have been played in the Middle Ages, and possibly even have passed down from ancient times. The first mention of Croquet, however, is in the Field in 1858, which mentions meetings of the Co. Meath Croquet Cracks. the players were mostly young and met at each others houses, and one player, George Annesley Pollock of Oatlands and Newcastle, Co. Meath, laid out the rules under the pseudonym “corncrake” and called them “The Rules of the Oatlands Club” – the first Croquet Rules in the World. [Ref: 1]

It is game played on a lawn with two players or four, and two balls, which each player hits with a mallet, attempting to get it through hoops inserted into the lawn.

Croquet Association of Ireland

Croquet Association of Ireland Irish Championships Singles 1990-Present

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[1] Croquet Ireland (2019) A History of Croquet in Ireland [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 29 May 2020]


[2] Croquet Ireland (2019) logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 29 May 2020]

Tenpin Bowling

Irish Tenpin Bowling Association

Bowling comes in many varieties, from the earliest Road Bowling which may have started in Ireland or may have been brought in by William of Orange; to Skittles, Lawn Bowls, Tenpin Bowling, Petanque (the sport played at the foot of the Eiffel Tower), Boccia (the Italian version of Bowling) to Indoor Bowling (played on a green mat in Community Centres and Church Halls).

Tenpin Bowling is a version of Skittles or Bowling played with ten skittles and a much bigger, heavier ball.

There are Bowling alleys throughout Ireland.

Irish Tenpin Bowling Association

ITBA Men’s Championship (Years):1991

ITBA Women’s Championship (Years): 1991

ITBA Senior Mixed Doubles Championship (Years): 2020

ITBA Grand Prix Scratch Men’s Tour (Seasons): 2019-20

ITBA Grand Prix Scratch Ladies Tour (Seasons): 2019-20

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Lawn Bowls

Irish Lawn Bowls; Northern Ireland Bowling Association

Lawn Bowls is a genteel version of bowling played on a green lawn.

Irish Lawn Bowls

Irish Lawn Bowls | Bowling League of Ireland | Men’s Division 1 2007-2012

Northern Ireland Bowling Association

Northern Ireland Bowling Association | Division 1 2016-2018

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Indoor Bowls

Irish Indoor Bowling Association Zones; Churches Bowling Leagues.

Indoor Bowling was invented in the 1950s by two South Africans in Wales who wanted to play Bowls over Winter.

Irish Indoor Bowling Association

Irish indoor Bowling Association

IIBA Inter-Zone Men’s Boomer Cup (Seasons): 2020

Irish Indoor Bowling Championships (Seasons): 1991

Donegal Indoor Bowls

Donegal Indoor Bowls Nixon Alexander Financial League (A) 2016-2018

Donegal Indoor Bowls DM Waste League (B) 2016-2018

East Antrim Zone

East Antrim Zone Ballymena & District League 2016-2018

East Antrim League 1993-1997

Larne Zone Bowls

Larne Zone Bowls Larne & District Indoor Bowling League 2009-2018

Lisburn Zone Indoor Bowls

Lisburn Zone Indoor Bowls Section A 2016-2018

Mid-Ulster Zone Indoor Bowls

Mid-Ulster Zone Indoor Bowls League Section 1 2016-2018

North West Bowls

North West Bowls Limavady & District Indoor Bowling League Section A 2016-2018

West Down Zone Indoor Bowls

West Down Zone Indoor Bowls League Division 1 2016-2018

Churches Indoor Bowling Leagues

Churches Indoor Bowls

Carrick & District Churches League (Indoor Bowls) 1993-1997

Dublin & District United Churches Indoor Bowling Association (Overviews): 

Dublin & District United Churches Indoor Bowling Association Rohu Cup (A) 2016-2018

Dublin & District United Churches Indoor Bowling Association McIlwaine Cup (B) 2016-2018

Dublin & District United Churches Indoor Bowling Association Price Cup (C) 2016-2018

Dublin & District United Churches Indoor Bowling Association Kerr Trophy (D) 2016-2018

DDUCIBA Rohu Cup (A) (Seasons):


DDUCIBA McIlwaine Cup (B) (Seasons):


Pictuure Credit: Images

[4] Irish Indoor Bowling Association (2020) Donegal Claim First Boomer Cup Title [Internet] Available from:,h_694,al_c,q_90,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/a27d24_f2db17209e5b431785ea7411e4cfc7e6~mv2.webp [Accessed 28 December 2020]


Celtic Challenge; Irish Petanque Association

Petanque, also known as Boules is the version of Bowling played at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and throughout France.

Petanque Celtic Challenge:


Irish Petanque Association Finals (Overviews):

Irish Petanque Association IPA Singles 2007-2015

Irish Petanque Association IPA Doubles 2007-2015

Irish Petanque Association IPA Triples 2007-2015

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WCF European Curling Championships

World Curling Championships

European Curling Championships 2004-2012

European Curling Championships Men 2017-2018

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Irish National Darts Organisation


Darts is a British game played in pubs throughout Ireland. A small dart is thrown at a target which has 20 numbers segments (scoring 1-20), with double and triple points scored for hitting smaller zones in each segment nearer the centre of the Dart board. The centre (the Bull’s Eye) scores 50. players must finish on a double. Points are scored downwards from 501 to zero.

There is a League in most counties with pubs entering teams. There is also a Pro Circuit in Britain which Irish players can enter.

Irish National Darts Organisation runs Darts Competitions in the Republic of Ireland.

INDO All-Ireland Inter-County Men (Seasons):

2011 2007 2006

INDO Ladies Rankings (Seasons): 2015

INDO Darts Leagues


There are Darts Leagues in every County & District in Ireland, often more than one in each with County Playoffs following the Leagues.

Borough (DLR):

Borough Darts League Harry Halligan Cup (Seasons): 1991

Borough Darts League Singles & Doubles: 1991

South Dublin:

South County Dublin Darts League Premier Division 2016-2020

South County Dublin Darts League Division 1 2016-2020


Kildare Darts League 2009-2013

Meath Darts Organisation

South Meath Darts League 2016-2019

South Meath Darts League 2009-2014

South Meath Darts League 2005-2009

Dunboyne and District Darts League 2010-2011

Kells & District Darts League 2005-2009

Trim Summer Darts League 2010-2011


Westmeath Darts League | Roll of Honour 2008-2016

Westmeath Darts League 2015-16

North Westmeath Darts League 2017-2019


Wicklow Darts Cup: 1991

Wicklow Darts Singles & Doubles: 1991


Mayo and District Darts Leagues Championship (Seasons): 2020

South Mayo Darts League (Seasons): 2019-20

Northern Ireland Darts Organisation


The Northern Ireland Darts Organisation runs Darts Competitions in Northern Ireland.


Armagh Keady & District Darts League 2014-2016

Newmarket (Belfast)

Newmarket (Belfast) Darts League 2015-2019

Newmarket (Belfast) Darts League 2009-2011

University Darts Association of Ireland


The University Darts Association of ireland is an All-Ireland Organisation

UDAI Rolls of Honour:

UDAI Rolls of Honour:

University Darts Association of Ireland All-Ireland Teams Roll of Honour 2007-2014

University Darts Association of Ireland All-Ireland Singles Roll f Honour 2007-2013

University Darts Association of Ireland All-Ireland University Darts Pairs’ Champion 2007-2013

University Darts Association of Ireland Masters Champion 2008-2014

[4] John Kane Facebook Messenger (2020) 121335580_1629820127181982_1053628616433207526_n [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 10 October 2020]

Irish Darts Players

Irish Darts Players who have competed at a high level, either for the National Team or on the Professional Circuit.

Irish Professional & International Darts players

Mick McGowan Irish-born Darts Player 1989-Present

Picture Credit: [2] Darts Database (2020) MickMcGowan [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 25 November 2020]

Archery Ireland

Archery Ireland

An Ancient sport with Clubs in Ireland promoting Archery and Crossbow

Leinster Indoor Open (Seasons): 2018

Wicklow Indoor Open (Seasons): 2020

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Target Shooting

Target Shooting Ireland

A small number of Olympic Target Shooting Clubs exist in Ireland. Pistols, Rifles, and Crossbows are among the weapons used. It is governed by Target Shooting Ireland, and is the Olympic Sport.

Below you will find the Results and Tables of various competitions in Ireland:

Target Shooting Ireland:

TSI Fingal SC Airgun Open (Seasons): 2018

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