Global Sports played in Ireland can be split into 3 main categories

North American Major League Sports: American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey & Inline Hockey, Baseball-Softball.

Commonwealth Sports: Lacrosse, Rugby League, Australian Rules & Netball.

Atlantic Sports: Water Polo, Volleyball, Futsal & Olympic Handball.

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North American Major League Sports

The four main North American Major League Sports are played in Ireland:

Baseball-Softball, Ice Hockey, Inline Hockey and American Football are all Mixed/Coed Competitions in Ireland.

American Football 

American Football in Ireland consists of a National League with 3 Divisions or Levels, as well as a College Competition and Flag Football (Tag).

Sub-Pages: Irish American Football / Irish American Football League / International American Football / Irish College Football / 8-a-side American Football: DV8 Football / Junior American Football / Flag Football: Flag Football / Flag Football Competitions /Irish Flag Football Teams / Irish Flag Football / International Flag Football / Other American Football:  Canadian Football / E-Football / Irish American Football Teams / Irish American Football Yearbooks / Irish American Football Records


Basketball is the biggest one, with a Men’s & Women’s National League, as well as Schools, Colleges & 14 Area Boards. There is also Wheelchair Basketball and 3×3 Basketball (Reduced Numbers).

Sub-Pages: Basketball National Leagues / Basketball National Cups / International Basketball / Schools & Colleges Basketball: All-Ireland Schools Basketball League / All-Ireland Schools Basketball Cup / All-Ireland Schools Basketball Finals / Dublin Schoolgirls Basketball / Colleges Basketball / Other Basketball:  Wheelchair Basketball / 3×3 Basketball

Basketball Area Boards: Basketball Area Boards Dublin Ladies Basketball Board / Dublin Men’s Basketball Board / Midlands Area Basketball Board / Kilkenny & South East Area Basketball Board / Cork Ladies Area Board / Cork Men’s Basketball Board / Kerry Area Basketball Board / Clare Area Basketball Board / Galway Area Basketball Board / Mayo Area Basketball Board / Shannonside / LonLeitRos Area Board / North West Area Board / Basketball Northern Ireland / North East Basketball Board

Ice & Inline Hockey /

Ice Hockey & Inline Hockey are two related skating team games, with Inline Hockey taking place on a hard surface. There is the Cross-Border Cup in Irish Ice Hockey, with 2 Divisions, as well as the Elite Ice Hockey League, which is Pro League throughout England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales, that the Belfast Giants compete in. There are also Underage Cups.

Inline Hockey Leagues include 3 Divisions, as well as Underage and Women’s Competitions. There are variations that don’t use skates such as Unihoc, Innebandy &  Ball Hockey.

Sub-Pages: Elite Ice Hockey Leagues / Irish & Celtic Ice Hockey Leagues / International Ice Hockey / Inline Hockey / Floorball / Bandy & Ball Hockey

Baseball-Softball consists of a Baseball National League with two Levels, an Irish National Fastpitch League (Softball) and Provincial Championships in Slowpitch Softball. There is also All Ireland Cup Competitions in Slowpitch Softball, Little League (Childrens Baseball) and Winter Softball (Intervarsities & Indoor Softball). Fastpitch Softball can be described as Women’s Baseball.

Baseball-Softball Sub-Pages: / Baseball Ireland / International Baseball  Little League & Youth Baseball /Softball Ireland /  International Softball / Leinster Softball / Ulster Softball / Connacht Softball / Munster Softball / Intervarsity Softball / Indoor Softball

Commonwealth Sports

Lacrosse  Sub-Pages: Men’s LacrosseWomen’s LacrosseIndoor (Box) LacrossePolocrosse

Rugby League Sub-pages: Irish Rugby LeagueInternational Rugby LeagueRugby League NinesTag Rugby LeagueWheelchair Rugby

Australian Rules  Sub-Pages: Australian Football League IrelandInternational Australian RulesAustralian Rules Super 7s,9s,10s


Atlantic Sports

Volleyball  Sub-Pages: Volleyball IrelandVolleyball National CupsNorthern Ireland VolleyballSchools & Colleges VolleyballSpikeballBeach Volleyball

Water Polo Sub-Pages: Ireland Water Polo , Leinster Water PoloCanoe PoloUnderwater Hockey

Olympic Handball – Like a cross between Basketball, Water Polo and Soccer except played on a court with hands rather than feet, and a goal rather than baskets. Invented in Northern Europe at the endd of the 19th Century and one of Germany’s National sports.

Futsal The South American version of Football – played Indoors on an Olympic Handball Court, with lines denoting the out-of-bounds.