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Darts is a British game played in pubs throughout Ireland. A small dart is thrown at a target which has 20 numbers segments (scoring 1-20), with double and triple points scored for hitting smaller zones in each segment nearer the centre of the Dart board. The centre (the Bull’s Eye) scores 50. players must finish on a double. Points are scored downwards from 501 to zero.

There is a League in most counties with pubs entering teams. There is also a Pro Circuit in Britain which Irish players can enter.

Irish National Darts Organisation


Irish National Darts Organisation runs Darts Competitions in the Republic of Ireland.

INDO All-Ireland Inter-County Men (Seasons):

2011 2007 2006

INDO Ladies Rankings (Seasons): 2015 (Pending Review)

INDO Darts Leagues


There are Darts Leagues in every County & District in Ireland, often more than one in each with County Playoffs following the Leagues.

Borough (DLR):

Borough Darts League Harry Halligan Cup (Seasons): 1991

Borough Darts League Singles & Doubles: 1991

South Dublin:

South County Dublin Darts League Premier Division 2016-2020

South County Dublin Darts League Division 1 2016-2020


Kildare Darts League 2009-2013

Meath Darts Organisation

South Meath Darts League 2016-2019 (Pending Review)

South Meath Darts League 2009-2014

South Meath Darts League 2005-2009

Dunboyne and District Darts League 2010-2011

Kells & District Darts League 2005-2009

Trim Summer Darts League 2010-2011


Westmeath Darts League | Roll of Honour 2008-2016

Westmeath Darts League 2015-16

North Westmeath Darts League 2017-2019


Wicklow Darts Cup: 1991

Wicklow Darts Singles & Doubles: 1991


Mayo and District Darts Leagues Championship (Seasons): 2020

South Mayo Darts League (Seasons): 2019-20

Northern Ireland Darts Organisation


The Northern Ireland Darts Organisation runs Darts Competitions in Northern Ireland.


Armagh Keady & District Darts League 2014-2016

Newmarket (Belfast)

Newmarket (Belfast) Darts League 2015-2019

Newmarket (Belfast) Darts League 2009-2011

Irish Darts Players

Irish Darts Players who have competed at a high level, either for the National Team or on the Professional Circuit.

Irish Professional & International Darts players

Mick McGowan Irish-born Darts Player 1989-Present

Picture Credit: [2] Darts Database (2020) MickMcGowan [Internet] Available from: https://www.dartsdatabase.co.uk/photos/MickMcGowan.jpg [Accessed 25 November 2020]