American Combat Sports

USA has updated most traditional Combat Sports for the Television and Internet Ages. The most popular of these Modern American Combat Sports would be Ultimate Fighting (a version of Boxing); WWE Wrestling (A modern American version of the traditional Greco-Roman spoort; Gladiating, a made-for-TV version of the Ancient Games in Rome and Greece involving sword-fighters; and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts , a modern no-holds-barred version of Martial Arts).

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Ultimate Fighting (USA)

Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship Irish Fighters

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WWE Wrestling (USA)

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment is the Modern American made-for-TV version of wrestling.

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment Irish Wrestlers 2001-Present

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Lucha Libre (Mexico)


Mexican version of WWE Wrestling

Triplemania (Bouts): XXIV 2018

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ITV Gladiators

Gladiating is a fun version of the ancient Roman military combat as was seen on US and British TV Programs from the 1990s onwards.

Various types of combat or adventure-like tasks are engaged in by teams of players.

Irish Gladiator Contestants:

Audrey Garland Irish-born Gladiators Contestant 1997

There are a couple of venues in Ireland where people can engage in Gladiator Weekends:

Adventure Park (Watergrasshill, Co. Cork):

Team Building Ireland (Kippure, Blessington, Co. Wicklow):