Irish American Football Players, Coaches & Personnel

Irish-Born Professional Players & Coaches


A look at the record of Irish-born Professional & US College American Football Players.

Irish-Born NFL, AAA & College American Football Players, Coaches & Personnel:

Tadhg Leader (Aviators TSL 2021)

John Sinnott (New York Giants NFL 1980-81, Baltimore Colts NFL 1982)

Fr. John Duggan (Chaplain, Pittsburgh Steelers NFL 1974-76)

Adrian Young (Philadelphia Eagles NFL 1968-71, Detroit Lions NFL 1972, Chicago Bears NFL 1973, The Hawaiians WFL 1974-75)

Tom Furlong (New York Giants NFL 1965, Atlanta Falcons NFL Preseason 1966, Brooklyn Dodgers CoFL 1966

Neil O’Donoghue Irish-Born GAA Football, Soccer and NFL American Football Player 1970-1985

(Round Towers and Dublin Minors (GAA), Shamrock Rovers (LoI Soccer), St. Bernard’s College (Alabama, NCAA Soccer), Auburn Tigers (NCAA Football), Buffalo Bills (NFL), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL), St. Louis Cardinals (NFL))

Emmett Waldron | Irish-Born Pro & College American Football Player 1993-1999 (

Rice Owls (NCAA), Scottish Claymores (WLAF-NFLE))

Linda Holland | Irish-Born Pro Legends-Arena American Football Player 2014

(Western Australia Angels (LFL Australia))

Ian Jones Irish-Born GAA Football, Rugby Union and NFL American Football Coach 2010-Present

(South Carolina Gamecocks (NCAA Football), Penn State Nittany Lions (NCAA Football), Cleveland Browns (NFL) Houston Texans (NFL), Salt Lake Stallions (AAF))

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Irish American Football Officials

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Irish American Football Management

A look at the various different Organisations in Irish American Football down through the years, and the composition of those organisations and members.

American Football Association of Ireland (1991-2000): 1997

American Football Ireland (2020-present): 2020

Irish American Football Officials

Officials are the Referees and Linesmen of American Football. With action all over the field at any given time, there are six officials ruling over play during the game, all under the Referee, the Chief Official.

Irish American Football Association (1998-2019): 2007

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Awards & All-Star Teams

MVP; All-Nations Cup;

The Most Valuable Player Awards and All-Star Teams through the years.

Four Nations American Football | All-Nations Cup Teams:

Home Nations American Football | All-Nations Cup Team 1997

Irish American Football League MVP Awards:

Irish American Football League | MVP Awards 1993

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All-Time Players Lists

All-Times Players Lists

Belfast Spartans All-Time Players List 1984-1997:

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Cheerleaders & Sponsors

Cheerleaders & Sponsors

Irish American Football Cheerleaders

Cork Admirals Cheerleaders (Seasons): 2010

American Football Ireland Sponsors

Westmeath Minotaurs Irish American Football Team Sponsors

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